Sunday, March 17, 2013

30 Day Recovery Challenge: Day 23 + 28

23. What can you do for yourself when you are having a bad day or struggling which will help you?
28. What are some things you do that help you cope when you’re having a hard time?

(I lumped these two together, because I think that I'd end up with two posts saying the same thing if I didn't!) 

There are a few things that are within my power that pick me up on really bad days.  The first thing I do is try to get my breathing under control, as I've learned that as soon as my day starts to go south, my breathing changes.  I often fail at this, but I still try it, as I know that one day it will work, and it is the most portable tool I have.

Another thing that really, really helps me is hearing my therapist's voice.  It may seem strange or silly, but listening to her has an almost instant soothing effect.  Which I need.  Cause when I start to spiral down, her voice almost acts as that life preserver that pulls me back up for air, and gives me the chance to get myself to shore.

Journaling, napping, walking - all things that I try when I'm stuck.  See, the problem I have during bad days or hard times is that I get bowled over into that dark pit of despair, What I need is something to distract me, to get me out of my own way, to help me see the light again.  I actually spent a bit of time a while back, assembling a distraction box.  The distraction box is my "in case of emergency" box and it's come in handy when I just can't get back up, and all else has failed. 

I try to keep in mind the idea that I can start over at any moment, and this too shall pass.  Cause in all honesty, whatever the struggle is, I will overcome it, even if I don't believe so in the moment.  Hard times pass.  Struggles are resolved.  Life keeps moving.  My goal is to hang on for the ride.


  1. When I am having a panic attack it helps to hear my husband's voice. Funny the things that help. :)

    1. Isn't it? Within moments of hearing my therapist's voice, I'm calmer, and usually able to then find another tool to help me get back in action. Just need that voice to kick start things....


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