Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pup Speak

The Pup and I were out for a walk this evening, when a helicopter flew over head.  Yes, it was quite loud, and I know dogs have excellent hearing, so I had no doubt that the Pup would notice.  What I didn't expect was that not only would the Pup hear the helicopter, but he also saw it.  And he tracked it through the sky until it was out of sight. 

Probably no big deal, but it got me thinking.  This little nine pound dog, light enough to be blown about by a helicopter breeze, stopped and noticed something a few thousand feet above him.  Not only did he notice it, but he focused his entire little body on it until it passed, at which point he gave me his full attention once again.

It got me thinking about perspective. 
And this quote.

The way the Pup greets me when I walk in after work or errands you'd think I was this magical human who makes his world better.  Until I rescued him, I never realized how nice it was to go home.  When you're being greeted by a cuddly pogo-esque Pup, how can you not smile?

While in the Pup's eyes, I might be incredible....
One day I'd like it to be true in my eyes, too.


  1. I've read this quote before, but cat form. Thankfully, my cat had a similar stubborn and occasionally anti-social attitude that I had - so she couldn't think that highly of me!!

    One day, I am sure that you will feel just as your pup does!

    1. I would imagine that just about any pet could be inserted into this quote, and it would still ring true! It is amazing the joy our pets can bring :)

  2. Love this. Isn't it wonderful, the love we and acceptance we find in their eyes? :)

    1. Our animals are a heck of a lot smarter than we give them credit for, I think.


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