Friday, March 1, 2013

30 Day Recovery Challenge: Day 6

6. Does your family support your recovery? How do they help or hurt your efforts to recover?

I'm sorry, but I just snorted in a burst of laughter over this question.  My family knows NOTHING of my struggles or recovery.  I mean, I've had food issues since I was a child, became a vegetarian at a very young age, stopped eating numerous times during adolescence... and never once did my family notice, much less do anything.

I guess part two of the question is not applicable as my family doesn't even know about my problem.  But I will add that eating meals with them is still extremely challenging, and there was a time, not too long ago, when I was still so shaky in my recovery, I actually stopped eating with them at all.  I think I was able to slide through nearly two full months skipping the weekly family dinner.

My family tries.... they just don't understand me.  My siblings, they understand, but when it comes to me, it's as if we are speaking different languages....

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