Sunday, March 3, 2013

30 Day Recovery Challenge: Day 8

8. Do you have a role model in recovery, or someone who inspires you? Talk about that person.

For better or worse.... I really don't have a role model in recovery.  There are two people that do inspire me, though I've never met them, as they are fully recovered.  Especially at the start of my recovery journey, I relied on both Jenni Schaefer and Arielle Lee Bair to help me through the pain of the day-to-day experiences in working toward recovery.  I've written about them before.  Jenni's books have been with me since the first week of recovery, thanks to the Kindle app for my phone.  Arielle's videos have helped me through many hard days and nights, as I listened to her words of wisdom.

As far is inspiring me?  For the most part, that comes from my team.  Part inspiration, part motivation, without them..... I shudder to think!

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