Thursday, March 7, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 106 - Friday 3/1/13 - So thankful it's March 1st!  Spring is *that* much closer!

Day 107 - Saturday 3/2/13 - A bit wary of admitting it, but after the abysmal winter we had last year, I've really enjoyed the snow this year.

Day 108 - Sunday 3/3/13 - I'm rather thankful today that this was a lazy weekend. I need those as often as possible these days.

Day 109 - Monday 3/4/13 - Ugh.  I am thankful for Advil.  It's been quite helpful in keeping this headache at bay....

Day 110 - Tuesday 3/5/13 - Scary as it feels right now, I'm kinda sorta glad that the big pink elephant that has been hiding for much of my life has been recognized.  Didn't realize how much of a super-sleuth my therapist is, and now I have one more reason to be thankful for her, as well.

Day 111 - Wednesday 3/6/13 - Today I'm grateful for you, my readers.  Your comments and notes really brighten my days....

Day 112 - Thursday 3/7/13 - I am quite thankful that our field trip adventures today were uneventful - makes them much easier to enjoy!


  1. I was thinking of your Thankful Thursday list before I hopped onto the computer - realizing that I hadn't read it this week!

    You are leaving an impact on my silly little life :0)

    1. :) Your kind words bring a lot of light into my life!


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