Friday, March 8, 2013

30 Day Recovery Challenge: Day 13

13.  What are some things - blogs, quotes, books, mantras, etc - that inspire you and keep you motivated?

Have you looked through this blog? 
You see all those quotes sprinkled generously through the posts? 
I wouldn't have posted them if they weren't inspiring to me.
And I don't mind posting a few of my favorites again.

(You can also check out this 
page full of em!)

As far as books go.... the one I still carry around with me is Life Without Ed (thanks to my Kindle app) as it was and still is a source of inspiration and a great reminder that recovery IS possible, and this work IS worth it.  I know I've spoken of Arielle's blog before, as it is another great resource - not only the videos, but also the links and other recovery (and life!) minded tidbits she writes about.

A third source of inspiration comes from music.  There is something about music that compliments my moods - both uplifting moods and more gloomy moods - that makes me feel settled.  Music speaks to me in so many ways..... there is something both comforting and inspiring about sinking into a favorite song....  Check out some of my favorites on the music page!


  1. I absolutely LOVE that quote!



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