Sunday, March 3, 2013

Act 26

I tried my best to coordinate the completion of my 26Acts with the end of National Eating Disorder Awareness week.  Which officially ended yesterday.

That's ok.  You can consider this post the "wish candle" if you'd like.  Because this act, while equally as powerful as the other 25, is the perfect way to cap a week of awareness.

I have an eating disorder.  I have been battling it privately and in denial for more than half my life.  It's the last two years that I sought help, and have embraced recovery.

One of the first resources my dietitian suggested was this book.  Impatient that I am, I ordered it for my Kindle so I'd have it instantly, and then ordered it so I'd also have the hard copy.  And reading it really, really, really helped me understand how deep I really was.  And how hard it would be for me to end my relationship with Ed.

Which I have, nearly severing the ties completely.

My hope is that the person who finds this book at the book store is able to find the comfort and support in it that I did.  I tabbed my favorite post, the one that broke through the resistance I worked so hard to build.

School psychologist, Mary Sherlach, was a huge support in the lives of many.  She took pride in helping students overcome problems and succeed.  At 56, she was a year away from retiring from 20 years as the school psychologist.  This was not the first time she put herself in the path of danger, as she headed toward where the shots were fired.  Mary also helped neighbors during the havoc Hurricane Sandy threw into the community.  When she wasn't helping others, she enjoyed theater, gardening, and spending time with her husband and two grown daughters.

I'm closing this chapter, these 26 Acts, with Mary's own words: "I.... am always ready to assist in problem solving, intervention and prevention."  The world is a better place because of Mary.  And my world is a better place because of these 26 Acts.

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