Saturday, March 2, 2013

Act 24

People who say money makes the world go round are missing out on what really makes the world go round.  Kindness.  So for the benefit of those who might be missing out on the kindness, I decided to combine the two.  This way, someone who may be focused on money, will hopefully stop and smile, and maybe even pass the kindness of that simple smile along...... this may be my act 24, but kindness being passed from person to person need not be tallied or counted....

And all the good Dawn Hochsprung put into the world was not countable either.  She reportedly intentionally placed herself in the path of the shooter, trying to protect the school that she called her own.  As principal, 47 year old Dawn was an award winner.  She loved what she did, and she did it well.  To encourage a love of reading, Dawn called upon the "Sandy Hook Book Fairy" as she happily motivated her school to read.  She was a wife, mother, grandmother, and a principal pursuing a doctorate degree in her "free time."  She put so much kindness into the world, she will always be remembered.


  1. Such a beautiful post, as always! I completed the act for Dawn yesterday also. I've completed several and can't wait to post about them - and hope that they're as inspiring as yours have been to me!

    1. I so appreciate your compliments :) And yours have been equally as inspiring for me to read! Can you imagine if even half of the people on the planet did one kind act per day? What a light place this would be to live!


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