Thursday, March 28, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 122 - Friday 3/22/13 - So thankful for all the new friends I met today!  Networking like crazy sure made things exciting!

Day 123 - Saturday 3/23/13 - I appreciate that my family tolerated my dinner choice, and managed to be on their (for the most part) best behavior while there.

Day 124 - Sunday 3/24/13 - Grateful for the outside perspective and input as to what is coming ahead, and where I'm headed next.

Day 125 - Monday 3/25/13 - I am thankful that my family was together for an unusually peaceful seder tonight.

Day 126 - Tuesday 3/26/13 - Extremely appreciative of my therapist's ability to help put things into perspective, especially when things are a little tougher than usual.

Day 127 - Wednesday 3/27/13 - I am thankful for patience, as it steps up to the plate when I'm running short, and today, patience hit the grand slam.

Day 128 - Thursday 3/28/13 - SO grateful that when the bell rings this afternoon, it will mean spring break!  In desperate need of a few days of stay-cation....

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