Friday, March 1, 2013

Act 22

I saw this quote somewhere and it made me smile.  It was a sad sort of smile, though, because sometimes I forget that I am someone's reason to smile and it takes me a little while to remember the smiles that greet me every morning at school.

Anyway, I picked this quote and this book very purposefully.  My therapist introduced me to another book, The Dance of Anger by this author and I found it quite helpful.  That book wasn't in stock at the store, but knowing how much it helped me, and how anxious I was when I first opened it, I thought that reading this quote as someone delves into this topic might give them a little reassurance....

Reassurance was something Lauren Rousseau was good at.  She dreamed of being a teacher from the time she was a child, playing school with her toys as students.  When 30 year old Lauren accepted a full time teaching position at Sandy Hook, she was ready to reassure the students that she encountered.  Lauren worked a second job at Starbucks, and in her free time she enjoyed spending time with her friends, her boyfriend, and her cat.  Her family has found comfort in knowing that Lauren was happiest during this past year, as she finally was fulfilling her dream of teaching.


  1. I quite enjoy how much time you've spent at matching the act of kindness with the person you're honoring. I continue to think of you, as I pass along and complete my own 26. I'm truly grateful that I have the opportunity to do it!

    This act of yours has also given me an idea for some books that I should read, thank you for that too!

    1. Funny you mention books Amanda... originally I wanted to do a book blog, and focus exclusively on the mass of books I devour. It didn't come to be, instead, this blog was born, so I'm glad you're finding some books from it!


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