Saturday, March 2, 2013

30 Day Recovery Challenge: Day 7

7. What type of treatment are you getting right now? Talk about your current treatment team - are they helpful, do you trust them? Are you honest with them?

I am currently working with an Ah-May-Zing team that have been with me from the start.  When things were first starting, and really bad (so for the first year of treatment) I was seeing my primary care doctor once a month, my dietitian once a week, and my therapist three times a week.

As I have grown, my treatment has adjusted as needed.  I have always felt supported, and just because I am seeing my team less frequently, didn't change the support and care I receive.  Currently, I see my primary care doctor every other month, my dietitian every other week, and my therapist twice a week.

I trust my team completely.  I have never trusted anyone the way I trust them.  My therapist knows more about me than anyone, she knows things that I never anticipated sharing.  Ever.

I am honest with them.  I actually used to joke that I will screw up and make dumb choices, but I will always come clean about what I've done.  These days, I'm screwing up less, and making slightly fewer dumb choices, and even better, sometimes I can confess to what I want to do before I do it, saving the pain of the lesson.

I love them all.  Even when I don't love what they tell me.


  1. It sounds like you have an incredible team behind you - it makes me smile. There are lots of folks that haven't been able to find someone they "click" with, which always makes me incredibly grateful, just as you seem here.

    This post made me happy - and not only because I'm a therapy addict ;0)

    1. I'm lucky that I have such an amazing team. They are the reason I am here. I'll admit that it took two yucky doctors before finding the one I love and have seen for-ev-er. It took four poorly matched therapists to find the perfect fit I have now, and it took two dietitians to find the one I work with and adore. All that paid off, though, as the team rocks!

      And of all things to be addicted to? Therapy is probably the healthiest!


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