Friday, March 1, 2013

NEDA Week: Size vs Style

I struggle with accepting my body as it is, because society tells me 
that my body should be different if I want to fit in.

Screw that.

I hope that by NEDA week next year, I have learned to at least 
accept my body as it is.  Might take a while longer for me to love it, 
but by next year, I want to at least not hate it.  
Ms. Piggy says it best....  

Today's featured blogger is Dr. Ashley Solomon at Nourishing the Soul.
This site runs the gamut - featuring blogs, guest posts, resources, and Nourishing tidbits that really settle in the soul in a special way.  Paraphrasing from the site, their mission is to cut through some of the societal pressures and celebrate every individual as the truly unique and beautiful souls that we are.

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