Thursday, March 7, 2013

30 Day Recovery Challenge: Day 12

12. Who in your life knows about your eating disorder? Has sharing about your eating disorder been helpful for you?

Well, the people in my life that know about my eating disorder are very few, exceptionally few outside of my treatment team.

Medical Allies
1. My doctor
2. My dietitian
3. My therapist
4. My psychaitrist
5. My cardiologist

Non-medical supportive Allies
1. BFF -EH
2. BFF -JC
3. mentor - AT
4. mentor - SB

non-supportive Allies
1. Friend - LK
2. Friend - KA
3. Friend - KH
4. Friend - LD
5. Sister (horrible choice on my part to disclose to her)

Sharing my eating disorder has been really challenging.  The supportive peers that took it well have been very helpful.  But telling those that I thought would be able to be supportive, and weren't..... that was painful.  Quite painful.  Which is hard, cause sometimes I just want to vent, to talk about it, to complain, to puzzle through something, and as those moments can't be scheduled, it doesn't always work out to talk about that to anyone on my treatment team.  Would I change who I told?  In hindsight, yes.  I would not have told the group that are non-supportive.  Ironically, they all have something in common, and that probably is part of why they aren't supportive.

Ok, this post was long and rambly- love those long answers to short questions!

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