Monday, February 11, 2013

Act 7

Everyone likes free things, right?

I know I do.  And I like chocolate.  A lot.  So for this seventh act, I left a note and some cash taped to a package of 100 Grand candy bars.  I mean, who wouldn't like a free 100 Grand? (Yes, I intentionally chose that candy!)  I hope that whoever finds this enjoys the sweetness just a little more than usual!

This sweet act was done to honor six year old Emilie Parker.  Emilie loved to draw, and will be remembered as one who was always smiling.  A budding artist, she always carried drawing supplies with her, and happily drew pictures and made cards to cheer those up around her.  The oldest of three, Emilie was teaching her younger sisters to read, and loved playing with them.  She loved trying new things (except for foods!) and was learning to speak Portuguese from her father.  Though the family recently moved to Newtown, Emilie adjusted well and enjoyed school, her teacher, and her classmates. 


  1. I have really enjoyed reading about all of your acts of kindness. I think it is wonderful that you are doing this. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. :)

    1. Thank you for your note Nicole! These acts have been bright spots in my days, and I hope they are brightening more than my world :)


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