Sunday, February 24, 2013

Act 13

Today was a busy day.  I am not a fan of shopping at all, and today I tackled way too many errands at once.  But I got them all done.  And ironically, the thing that took the longest wasn't the finding of items on my list.  It was the finding of the quiet moment to slip a note up here and there, and capture a picture of said note, without getting "caught" in the act.

I got this idea from Arielle's Project Positive Thinking.  As I pulled into the parking lot today, my heart was actually pounding in anticipation of leaving this note on someone's car.  I found an older model mini-van that looked well loved and slipped the note under the wiper.  I hope that the recipient smiled as wide as my heart smiled in carrying out this act.

And Dylan Hockley made lots of people smile in his short life.  Six year old Dylan and his older brother were the best of friends.  They both shared a love of family time, and though they were born in England, they quickly acclimated to their new school, making many new friends.  Dylan was an excellent student who loved school.  In his final moments, he was safely wrapped in the arms of his aide, who helped him maneuver school with autism.  He is missed by many.

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