Thursday, February 28, 2013

Act 20

I've been taking some risks this week in my 26 Acts, but I think it's worth the risk if it helps even one person.  Continuing with the connection of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, I created a poster/flyer talking about NEDA week.  At the bottom of the flyer, I created those little pull tabs, so people can tear one off as needed.  Each tab provides the NEDA website and phone number.  The hope is that someone will call upon their courage, take a tab, and make contact with someone who can really help make a difference.  It was definitely another heart pounder as I slipped into the posting area of the library nearby.  But it was a risk work taking.  And I took the risk in memory of Allison Wyatt.

Six year old Allie was a quiet, shy, and very loving little girl.  She was sweet and caring, and loved everything.  Allie had a goofy sense of humor and loved making those close to her, including her sister Lauren, laugh. A budding artist, Allie's drawings and paintings were all over her families house.  Another life cut short, yet those that knew Allie will always have her in their hearts.

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