Monday, February 25, 2013

Act 14

You know how much I dislike shopping.  Well, clothes shopping is the worst of them all.  And trying on clothes?  I despise it.  I've been known to order a bunch of clothes online, have it shipped, try it on at home, and return what doesn't fit to the local store.  I go to great lengths to avoid dressing rooms and mirrors.

But this time was a little different.  I had a very good reason to head into the dressing room.  To leave this note.  Yes, I did try on two pairs of pants while I was in there, and yes, it was hard, but leaving the note?  That made it all worth it, cause I know the next person in that dressing room is going to smile.

I think that Josephine Gay would be smiling as well. Seven year old "Joey" as she was known to her friends, had just turned seven.  Joey was a very special child, as most children with special needs are.  Autistic and non-verbal, she touched lives of all around her without saying a word.  Joey's favorite color was purple (which is mine, too!) and in the wake of the tragedy, purple sprouted up everywhere in her honor.  In addition to her many therapy treatments, she loved to play with her Barbies, swim, sing, and be wherever her sisters were.

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