Who is Purple Dreamer?

I'm a dreamer, a reader, a techie, a writer,
a learner, a teacher, a thinker, a fighter.
I'm feisty and funny (or so I've been told) 
I'm not very brave or courageous or bold.
I love to help others and watch them succeed
When asking for help you'll need never plead.
My journey's been rocky, full of smiles and tears,
I just hope I keep growing for the rest of my years.

I'm just a girl, trying to make a difference in the world... sounds cliche but in some ways, it is true.  I am a teacher by trade, a writer by heart, and a photographer by sight.

My journey has had many ups and downs, some more challenging than others, all a learning experience.  If in sharing my story with the world, I help just one person avoid the pain of a similar experience, well then, I will have made a difference.

With all that said - I blog for me.  I blog so I can tell my story, and keep a few less words and thoughts bottled up.  The fact that I might help someone else is just icing on the cupcake!

Feel free to peek around my profile to learn more, and I'd be honored if you like my Facebook page!

Couldn't help it... Calvin is my one of favorite reasons to smile!


  1. I <3 Calvin.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Thanks for stopping by ladies! Calvin and Hobbes are my favorite, and have been since I was five!

  3. Hi! I just wanted to tell you I read your blog. It'd be rude not to, seeing as it's your personal life. Umm. Cheer up! All you need is a little more love to get you up and running and at your best.



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