Monday, February 4, 2013

Act 5

Where I live, we were frosted with a fluffy layer of snow today, quite a lot, actually, and it mostly arrived during work hours.  Which meant many people (myself included) walked into work leaving a clean car in the parking lot, but walked out of work to find their cars covered in about an inch of fluff.  By the time I left, there was only one other car in the lot.

It was a long day.... really, really long.... but as I had the brush out and was scraping off my car, I figured, what the heck?  Why not scrape the other car, too?  Sure fire way to make someone smile is to exit work after a long day, and arrive at a cleaned off car.  So I did it.  I scraped and brushed that last car.  And I did it for seven year old Chase Kowalski.

Chase was an active child, always outside riding his bike or playing in the backyard.  He actually just completed his first mini-triathalon shortly before the tragedy.  Chase was the youngest in the family, and will be very missed by his two older sisters.  With Christmas right around the corner, as cliche as it may sound, Chase was hoping to get his two front teeth back.  A blond haired, blue eyed, energetic boy that loved life, Chase enjoyed baseball games, cub scouts, and bike riding.


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    1. Thank you! I like the purposefulness of this.

  2. Hi PD,
    That is an awesome act of kindness! I love that you are doing this, such a fitting memorial for those children. I wanted to let you know I have nominated you for a Blog of the Year 2012 award. You can find the details in my latest post. :)) xx AG

    1. AG! You've left me nearly speechless! Popping over to read about this one :) xo

  3. What a kindness, and what a lovely dedication.


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