Thursday, February 21, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 92 - Friday 2/15/13 - Thankful that it's Friday.  This was a hard week and I really need a day off.

Day 93 - Saturday 2/16/13 - So appreciate days like today, where, after a hard week, I don't have a single thing on the agenda.  I get to just be- no pretending, no acting as if, just me being where I am at this moment.

Day 94 - Sunday 2/17/13 - I am so grateful that I had a quiet weekend.  The two days were spent staying home, trying to recharge after the chaos of the week, and I'm hoping that because of this, Monday is a little easier.

Day 95 - Monday 2/18/13 - So happy that there was no traffic on my way to work this morning!

Day 96 - Tuesday 2/19/13 - I'm quite pleased to say that I finished a HUGE project for school today, and am grateful that it is done a full 3 weeks early!  No last minute work for me this time! (Which, I'll admit, is rather rare!)

Day 97 - Wednesday 2/20/13 - So glad that I trusted my gut today and taught the lesson the way I felt it needed to be taught.  I can proudly say that my entire class now gets the concept (which is amazing considering how confused they were by it yesterday when I actually followed the lesson plan!)

Day 98 - Thursday 2/21/13 - So thankful that the musical performance at school is over, and even more thankful that it was a smashing success!  (And exhausting, that's for sure!)

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