Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Act 17

You know how when you go grocery shopping they're always asking if you're interested in supporting a cause of sorts?  Maybe your grocery store doesn't do that, but mine does.  And it used to annoy me.  But when I went through the check out the other day, this caught my eye.  Maybe it's the combination of the acts thus far, maybe it's cause MDA is close to my heart.... but without hesitation or thought, I picked one up, signed it "#26Acts" and added it to my purchases.  I've been trying to be creative and not spend a lot of money on these acts.  And while this was a larger donation than I intended, it felt right.  It felt helpful.  It felt good.

Both of which are things that six year old Jack Pinto would have liked.  An incredibly loving and lively boy, Jack had a way of making all who knew him fall in love with is vivacious spirit.  He loved playing sports - flag football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, and skiing.  Jack brought joy into so many lives, and his joy will live forever in the hearts of those who knew him.

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