Tuesday, February 26, 2013

30 Day Recovery Challenge: Day 3

3. Give yourself credit for the progress you’ve made - what are some positive steps you’ve taken in recovery, or recent progress that you’ve made?

Well, I actually am not one to take time to acknowledge any progress, so this is actually a great question for me to ponder.

I know that I've come quite a long way in my meal planning and consuming.  My dietitian first helped me see why I needed so many calories into my body each day.  From there, we slowly increased my intake to a level that was only slightly out of my comfort zone, and stabilized my weight at the same time.  The final hurdle in the eating department came in the form of variety.  I have so many food allergies, that finding a variety of safe foods has been a challenge.  She hasn't given up on me, though, even when I have.  And last time we met, after going over my records for the week, it was the first week where my meal plan looked "normal" and boy was she excited!

I know I've stabilized my intake and weight.  I know I'm increasing my variety.  I know that I'm really committed to recovery, even though it is so stinking hard still.  I know that I've been able to rebound more quickly from relapse-esque days.  And I know that my team is going to be there for me to remind me to celebrate the little successes, as well as the big ones.

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