Saturday, February 23, 2013

Act 11

Today I took a trip to the local library to pick up some things they were holding for me.  I'm having so much fun finding creative ways to complete my #26Acts without breaking the bank, and it struck me that a hand written note on a movie I love might make someone smile.  So I wrote this little note, stuck it on one of my favorite DVDs, and slipped it back on the shelf, where it will patiently await the person who will hopefully smile when they pull it off the shelf.

And this movie-inspired act is in memory of Daniel Barden.  This incredibly polite, affectionate, and thoughtful seven year old earned his torn jeans and toothless grin.  Daniel was a budding athlete, who enjoyed swimming, soccer, and football.  Overflowing with happiness and zest for life, this fearless little boy will be missed by many.

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