Thursday, February 14, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 85 - Friday 2/8/13 - Thankful for snow days with a well stocked fridge, a warm bed, and a cuddly pup!

Day 86 - Saturday 2/9/13 - Thankful for small miracles..... like the fact that my FAVORITE seasonal treat at Trader Joe's, which is always quick to sell out during the holidays, and only appears between Thanksgiving and Christmas, miraculously appeared on the shelf today!  A case was found in the back of the warehouse, and that made me one very happy person!

Day 87 - Sunday 2/10/13 - I'm grateful for friends who propose random shopping experiences, and even more grateful that I found a great deal on shoes while we were there!

Day 88 - Monday 2/11/13 - Nothing quite like having a working copy machine on a day that I had a lot of copying to do!

Day 89 - Tuesday 2/12/13 - I am thankful that........ I'm a grateful for......  I am grateful for the ability to learn. (Yes, it's been that kind of day.)

Day 90 - Wednesday 2/13/13 - I am grateful when random fits of frustration turn into bursts of house cleaning!

Day 91 - Thursday 2/14/13 - I am extremely grateful that we only have one class party left.  As fun as they are for the kids (and they aren't torture for me) they are exhausting!


  1. I am thankful I read your post. It was so uplifting and reminded me I need to count my blessings today. Thank you, great post!!!


    1. Glad I was able to offer a reminder, and I was uplifted by your comment - always nice to see how these words are impacting others :)


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