Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Act 18

I found a new resource this week, one that actually shared some pretty scary statistics.  This sign that I hung up in the parenting section of a local book store says "There's a 0.003% chance she'll be a lawyer.  There's a 42% chance she'll wish she was thinner by the time she gets to 3rd grade."  Fit vs. Fiction has a few of these posters floating around to bring awareness to the pressures kids face.  As one who has taught 3rd grade, and who is recovering from an eating disorder, this one really hit me hard.  I can't imagine one of my students wanting to be thinner.  I mean, eight year olds should not be worrying about their weight!  They should be out playing, running, enjoying life....

Especially considering Caroline Previdi lost her life at six years old.  A loyal Yankee fan to the core, Caroline was a caring, compassionate child.  She loved pink, and danced instead of walked much of the time.  This smiley child, nicknamed "Silly Caroline" also had a very caring side.  She broke her piggy bank open to donate to her church collection to buy toys for needy children.  She sat with her neighbor, a kindergartener, on the bus each day so he wasn't scared.  A beautiful child who will always be remembered...

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