Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 31: A Vivid Memory

A vivid memory, eh?  This one happened more than ten years ago, and I still chuckle when I think of it!

I was nannying for a family while the parents were out of town.  I had three kids in my care for ten days.  I'd stayed with this family before, so it was nothing new.  I enjoyed spending time with them, and hey, the kids, a seven year old boy, and girls ages 9, and 11, were in school from 8-3, and had after school activities, so it was kinda easy, actually!

Friday night the girls had a sleep over. Around two o'clock in the morning, the girls flew into my room, completely freaked out, because they heard a noise downstairs.  I assured them all was fine, and told them they could bring their sleeping bags in and sleep in my room.  They got settled in, and this time, we heard the noise again.  They all screamed, and I have to admit, I was kinda scared myself!  A few more LOUD bangs followed, and with my heart pounding as loud as the noises, I crept down the stairs, leaving four pre-teen girls huddled in my bed.

The noise was coming from the kitchen, and with fear coursing through my veins, I tiptoed in, and flipped on the lights. 

There, I found their little brother, sitting in the pantry, eating peanut butter.  I unleashed the fury on him!  At this point, the girls had flown down the stairs and were standing, wide-eyed, in the kitchen door, as I screamed at him.  I think they were more afraid of me than anything at that moment! 

I totally took him by surprise, as he didn't anticipate getting caught.  He tried the "I just wanted some peanut butter!" ploy, but when questioned as to what made peanut butter so loud, he couldn't help but grin, confirming that he'd done it on purpose.  After a good minute of screaming at him, I quickly regained my composure, told him to brush his teeth again before he went back to bed, and sent everyone back up stairs.

What a night it was!

Day 31 Prompt: A vivid memory.


  1. Funny! They say boys will be boys! You were pretty brave heading into the kitchen, but you showed even more bravery hosting a sleep over for 4 girls!!!! Judi

    1. Oh, this boy was ALL boy! The girls? I knew them all well and we had a ton of fun- then again, if they weren't at the age in which they were, I'd never have agreed to the slumber party!


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