Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 47: Motivation

This week's post is about motivation.  More specifically, what motivates me to recover.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit that my major source of motivation today is still quite closely resembling my motivation way back two years ago.....  And my motivation when I tackled this topic back in February......

Yes, I am still working on maintaining my recovery progress for my team.  They've put so much work into me, their time, their energy, their care.... I will not throw that away.  Funny thing is, while I still *need* my therapist multiple times a week, I've managed to taper back with my dietitian, and see her every three weeks.  And it's working pretty well, actually!  Maybe I have made more progress at that inner motivation than I thought....

And you know what?  I actually don't want to throw away the time and effort I've put in, either.  Yes, it's tempting, at times, to let myself sink back into my old ways, and I had a recent spell with that unwelcome visitor that I'm still recovering from.... but.... I'm not gonna throw it all away, either.  My hair finally stopped falling out in handfuls only a few months ago.  I am coming off the best school year ever.  All because I've been working at keeping recovery. 

So maybe there have been changes in my motivation to recover.... maybe it really is starting to switch to internal motivation after all.........


  1. Small steps on the path of recovery are still steps. Keeping a support team in place is not a weakness. It takes strength to recognize a problem and get that support team in place. I am celebrating your steps on your road to recovery.

    1. Thanks Kristina! I appreciate your celebrating for me, and hopefully soon, I'll join in the celebration with you :)


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