Saturday, July 6, 2013

Week 46: Energy Boost!

What gives me energy, you ask? 
Why, chocolate, of course!

Oh.  Other than the obvious chocolate.

Hmmm...... lemme think on that.  To me, the obvious answer is to take a nap.  But sometimes I wake up more tired than energized.  Sunshine is always a good energizer, as is a quick swim in the pool, but those aren't usually that helpful in the winter!

I am energized by teaching.  Seriously.  You might think that being in charge of 25 nine year olds for seven hours is exhausting.  And it is.  Very much so.  But at the same time, it is so energizing!  When I'm running low at school, I can pause what we're doing and we can take a dance break, or go for a quick lap around the baseball field, or tell some jokes, or do some yoga.  Lots of possibilities for a quick, three-minute energy boost when you're surrounded by so much energy!

But my go-to answer when I'm at home?  And exhausted, without time for a nap?
Chocolate, of course!


  1. You sound like a FUN teacher! I can think of countless classes I attended that could have really used a 3 minute dance break!! :)

    1. Let's just say this - I don't dance. At all. But when you're surrounded by energetic little humans, how can you not?!


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