Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 27: Dear Readers

Dear Readers, 
Dear Friends,

That sounds better.  You may all be reading this, but those of you that read regularly and have gotten to know me, well, you're friends.  Maybe not in the physical world, but definitely in the cyber world!

I don't know that I've ever said it before, but this is the perfect opportunity to say it: Thank you.  Thank you for reading my words.  Thank you for sharing them and google + ing them and tweeting them.  Even more than that, thank you for sharing YOUR words with me.  Your comments, whether a simple "I can relate." or a more elaborate note, mean the world to me.  I have saved many comments in my email, so that I can quickly pull up the ones that I've found particularly helpful, and re-read them when I need a little extra boost.

I never thought I'd be a blogger.  I never thought I had anything to say, to share, or anything that would be worth reading.  What started nearly two years ago as a project to help with my eating disorder recovery process has blossomed into a blog that I pour my heart into, and am very, very proud of.

The fact that you all read it is icing on the cake.  And your comments?  They are the sprinkles that make it all a bit more sweeter!

Day 27 Prompt: A letter to your readers.


  1. The icing is only as good as the cake :) (Yep, I'm stretching your metaphor even further!) Thanks for sharing your words and your friendship.

  2. What a sweet post x

    As a regular reader, it's lovely to see you challenging yourself and growing in each post - even when things aren't going so well for you, you reflect on them and learn from your experience rather than hunkering down and hoping it will go away (which was my own tried-and-tested tactic for a long while!

    You say that you are proud of your blog - you should be. You are an inspiring young woman, and I am glad to have found you here xxx

    1. Thanks for the kind words Cheryl, they mean more to me than you know! Inspiring is something I wouldn't call myself, but I'll take your word on it! xoxo


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