Thursday, July 11, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 233 - Thursday 7/11/13 - Thankful to the local farmer and the delicious eggs that were super yummy scrambled and served over crispy fries - excellent dinner! (Or should I say eggselent?)

Day 232 - Wednesday 7/10/13 - Grateful for the delicious nap the Pup and I took on this hot, stuffy day!

Day 231 - Tuesday 7/9/13 - Not so thrilled to be buying the allergy bed gear, but thrilled that I got it all at a discount!

Day 230 - Monday 7/8/13 - Thankful for 20 seconds of insane courage this afternoon.  That, and the incredible patience my therapist had while waiting for the words to come.

Day 229 - Sunday 7/7/13 - Very happy to find sweet cherries at the farmer's market this morning!

Day 228 - Saturday 7/6/13 - So thankful that project mosaic turned out so well! (and was so easy, too!)

Day 227 - Friday 7/5/13 - I'm quite thankful that I found the glue to complete a project - looking forward to working on it this weekend!

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