Thursday, July 18, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 240 - Thursday 7/18/13 -So thankful for the good night sleep I got last night, finally!  It felt so nice to wake up feeling refreshed this morning!

Day 239 - Wednesday 7/17/13 - Thrilled to run into some wonderful friends at the mall this evening!  That chance encounter and delightful conversation made my whole day!

Day 238 - Tuesday 7/16/13 - Grateful to be reminded that when washing ones hands, one is never to old to make bubbles.

Day 237 - Monday 7/15/13 - Grateful that the storms waited till after I got home - the Pup hates thunder.

Day 236 - Sunday 7/14/13 - Great take at the farmer's market this morning, though it was a little hot for the Pup!  The blueberries are delish!

Day 235 - Saturday 7/13/13 - Thankful to have completed summer project number two!  Quote hanging above cabinets in kitchen - complete!

Day 234 - Friday 7/12/13 - Happy to finally clean out the refrigerator!  Time to make room for some good food!

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