Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 14: Happiness

This prompt should be pretty easy, for once!  Ten things that make me happy.....

My favorite Albus Dumbledore quote....
  1. the Pup
  2. teaching
  3. doing something new/fun on my computer
  4. reading a good book
  5. relaxing on a comfy swing or hammock
  6. a clean house
  7. hugs
  8. smiles
  9. a really good meal
  10. chocolate
Day 14 Prompt: Ten things that make you really happy.


  1. This list makes me quite certain that you and I could be friends in real time too! I think people underestimate the power of hugs and smiles - such a simple way to both experience and share happiness.

    1. :)
      You are SO right about people underestimating hugs and smiles..... a simple smile can lift a mood, and a hug can change a day - for the better!

  2. You are lucky to find happiness with your work, many people strive for that and never achieve that goal! So true about the clean house, feels so good to sit back, relax and feel comfortable ~ one of my greatest pleasures is when I see my husband smile, it truly fills my heart with joy! Keep doing those things that make you happy ~ Enjoy your day ~ Judi

    1. I realize I am very lucky to love my job, especially considering so many others don't. Now, there are downsides - can't tell you the last time I had the freedom to use the bathroom as needed, or sit down for a quiet lunch while during the school year, but the perks way out weigh the yucks!

  3. Ahh, a clean house is on my list too! And good television, bright photos, and my sweet cats!


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