Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 23: Life Lessons

I like to say that you learn something new every single day.  And it's rarely in school.  Or at least I used to like to say that.  Now that I'm a teacher, I have a modified version of it.  Or, more like, the old adage applies once you hit middle school.  Because in elementary school, you are definitely learning something new every day, IN school, at least in my class!

A few of those things include........
  • Kindness is crucial.  Genuine kindness will get you everywhere.  
  • People can tell if you're being insincere.
  • Patience is more powerful than you can imagine.
  • Silence can be your most powerful tool.
  • The golden rule really is golden.
  • The world doesn't revolve around you, no matter what you may think.
  • Things can always get worse.  Things can always get better.
  • Perspective is a little thing that makes a very, very big difference.

Day 23 Prompt: Things you've learned that school won't teach you.


  1. Beautiful lessons. Related to the kindness lesson, I once heard a quote that I love "We're all going judge, so judge with kindness". That stuck with me and I try to do so.

  2. I like it, especially the perspective one. It relates to something we always say on our Yahoo groups- Assume the other person meant something good, until they make it clear they didn't. This rule keeps a lot of misunderstandings from getting out of control, and saves a lot of hurt feelings.

    1. So true! Assume positive intentions is a big one!

  3. I like the quote you have too ~ it is so gratifying to do something you thought you couldn't! But wait ... The world doesn't revolve around me??? Hmmm, I guess you can learn something new every day :) A big LOL ~ I never know if my outstanding wit and sense of humor translates!!! Have a day filled with learning ... Judi


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