Thursday, July 25, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 247 - Thursday 7/25/13 - Thankful for a spontaneous walk through town with a favorite friend - perfect weather to meander and chat!

Day 246 - Wednesday 7/24/13 - Loved the sweet treat I treated myself to.  Haven't had an authentic root beer float in for-ev-er!

Day 245 - Tuesday 7/23/13 - Appreciate my brother for ordering me a totally delish pizza, despite the fact that cause it's GF it cost twice as much as the other pizzas.  It really was delish!

Day 244 - Monday 7/22/13 - Grateful for the cooler weather, the Pup finally got to enjoy a nice long walk!

Day 243 - Sunday 7/21/13 - Very much appreciate my neighbor who dragged the last carpet roll (that has been sitting on the landing of the entryway) to the dumpster for me!

Day 242 - Saturday 7/20/13 - So grateful to my friend E, who, once again, pulled me out of my isolating day with a last minute dinner invite, where I got not only a wonderful meal, but a great evening of kid time and grown-up catch-up time!

Day 241 - Friday 7/19/13 -Thankful for an impromptu lunch with a work friend, it was wonderful to see her and catch up!

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