Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Arielle's Word-of-the-Day: PERFECT

June Blog Challenge Day 13: PERFECT

Performed by Johnny Pacar and Josie Loren
ABC Family's Make It or Break It

I'm done holding back
I've dropped the act
I was keeping it together for too long
I'm through running scared
from what's in there
It's not perfect, but it's me.

If I wanna cry, I'll cry
You will see the tears in my eyes
If I wanna leave, I'll go
If I am hurting now
You'll know, you'll know
You'll know

I'll try, I was dying just to live a lie
Hopelessly floating, like a balloon
I was running out of air too soon
If we are honest, we could be honest
I could be happy, 
I could be good enough for me

I really don't have much to say about perfect.  It has such negative connotations for me I can't yet speak about it well.  However, there are two songs that I absolutely cling to for words when I need to explain.  The above song is my favorite, and it's a relatively unknown song.  In fact, the only place I found it was a clip someone put up on YouTube, patched together from the episode of Make It or Break It in which the song was heard.  I have yet to find a complete version anywhere, and believe me, I've searched!  The title of the song is so motivating - It's Not Perfect, But It's Me.  I want to get to the place where I can say that, and mean it.

The other song?  You're probably more familiar with it.  When I first heard P!nk's Perfect (I prefer the clean version, thank you very much!) I was floored that someone could pull thoughts out of my head so cleanly.  But she did.  And while these days, the song doesn't invoke the strong emotional reaction it did when I first heard it, it still speaks to me. 

Prompt: Does this word have positive feelings attached to it or negative ones? Do you feel the same way about this word as you used to? What does perfect mean to you? To other people? Does “perfect” even exist? Maybe there is a poem that expresses this best for you, maybe a quote, an image, etc.


  1. this was a tough word for me too.

    i really love pinks song and i need to go to youtube and check that other song out because i really love the lyrics.

    1. I linked the song on the title. It was a strange moment, I heard it in an episode and was mesmerized, but it took forever to find it!


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