Saturday, June 23, 2012

Week 17: Goals

Goals.  Ugh.  So not something like to think about for myself.  I always have goals for my students, and they usually reach them, too.  I guess it's a little easier to think about goals in chunks:

1.  Immediate goals - accomplished in the next two-three weeks
2.  Short term goals - accomplished in the next two-three months
3.  Long term goals - accomplished in the next 12-18 months
4.  Life time goals - accomplished sometime in this lifetime
5.  Ongoing goals - working on creating new habits one day at a time

With that in mind, I will attempt to proceed with this post.

1.  Immediate goals - get my house cleaned up, get orders for school completed and submitted, get a new vacuum cleaner, survive the next ten days without my team

2.  Short term goals - paint my kitchen cabinets, get my windshield replaced, complete my summer project for school, reduce therapy to twice a week, reduce nutritionist visits to every other week

3.  Long term goals - reduce nutritionist visits to monthly check ins, get my anxiety in check, learn to meal plan, learn to be kinder to myself

4.  Life time goals - get to the root cause of my anxiety, reduce therapy to once a week, become comfortable in my own skin, start a family

5.  Ongoing goals - stay better hydrated, maintain a healthy weight, build healthy eating habits, strive to always do my best at work, and in life...

That should keep me busy for a while, dontcha think?

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