Saturday, June 16, 2012

Arielle's Word-of-the-Day: BEGINNING

June Blog Challenge Day 16: BEGINNING

The timing of this word is so fitting for me, because today is the beginning of my summer vacation.  Well, at least according to the calendar it is.  According to all the work I still have to do to wrap up the loose ends of the school year, my summer vacation won't technically begin until June 28th.  But that's ok.

I like beginnings... sort of.  I like to be prepared for beginnings.  Whatever is beginning, I handle it better when I have all the information necessary to make sense of what is coming up so my anxiety doesn't take over.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Beginnings can be exciting, but more often they really do scare me.  Not knowing exactly what to expect is anxiety inducing for me.  The only beginning that wasn't horribly anxious was beginning my first day as a teacher.  I was so well prepared for that job, the only anxiety was in meeting my students for the first time!  While I've been in the classroom for many years now, the first day of each new school year always brings on butterflies in my belly, only these are good ones!

Prompt: Everyone has a beginning. You can write about yours or share the beginning of recovery or the beginning of  your family, your faith, your work, etc. Maybe there’s something you’re beginning right now. “Beginning” means different things to different people.


  1. i have a hard time with new things sometimes. like you, it gives me anxiety when i don't know what to expect. but if we are brave enough to explore those new things and new beginnings... sometimes, they can be wonderful ; )

    1. Thanks Jenn. Bravery sometimes seems lacking in me, but I'm working on it!


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