Saturday, June 9, 2012

Arielle's Word-of-the-Day: LOGICAL

June Blog Challenge Day 9: LOGICAL

I love math.  Math is concrete.  Math makes sense.  Math is logical!  No matter how much I try to make it different, 3 + 3 will always equal 6.  Even if you put it in a different context, say, 3 meals plus 3 meals means I have six meals (even if I didn't eat any of them.)

Ironically, I didn't use to like math.  I loathed it.  It was so freaking confusing!  Math tortured me from fourth grade through my fourth year of college, where finally, I had a professor that made sense of math.  She made sense of all those numbers and signs and concepts that I struggled with for-ev-er.  I mean, what's the purpose of an imaginary number?  Thankfully, as an elementary teacher I don't need the answer to that in order to instill a love of learning math in my students.

Where does logic come in to play in this story?  Well, if I take a step back and look at the big picture of my math experience, it kinda makes a lot of sense.  Logically, how was it possible for me to understand, much less enjoy, learning about something *that* challenging when my day-to-day life is was challenge?  How was it possible to learn anything that is not incredibly simple, when struggling to get out of bed, much less get through the day?  Yes, I was just a kid, but life happens at any age.  Now that I can look back, it makes sense, it's logical that I was strong in reading and writing, and struggled in math.  I spent my time escaping into books and journals.  My safe haven.  My respite.  Numbers never made sense and I didn't have the energy to focus any time on learning them.

Now, I love logic.  I love things that make sense.  I love looking for connections between things, whether there are clear paths or not.  I like finding the logic in things.  I like making things make sense.  (hmmm... control anyone?)  In fact, I have gotten so good at logic, that I can logically rationalize just about anything, including recovery.  Unfortunately, while logical thinking is helpful in many places, recovery wise?  It just tends to get me into trouble.  Then again, maybe that's the fact that my self-logic is rather faulty.  I'll get there though.  After all, it only took 13 years for me to catch on to all that math-logic......!

Prompt: Are you logical? Do you wish you could be? Do you respect people who are or find them lacking? Does logic  have a place in recovery? These are all examples of things you can write about.


  1. love the insight in this post ; )
    i have always struggled with math and i still do :) so great that you were able to understand math more and have come to embrace it and logic in your life. it's a good quality to have.

    1. Thanks Jenn! I never thought I'd be a fan of math, funny how things change!


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