Monday, June 4, 2012

Arielle's Word-of-the-Day: CRAZY

June Blog Challenge Day 4: CRAZY

Hmmm.... the word crazy... what a word choice!  Would I say I'm crazy?  Well, I'm a teacher, don't all teachers have a slight element of craziness in them, considering we corral young children for seven hours a day, work an additional 2+ hours outside of school, are expected to wear many hats, including parent, teacher, nurse, shrink, mediator, coach, referee... you name it.  Oh, and have I mentioned the fact that teachers don't go into the profession for the pay?

Anyway, I'm not a big fan of the word.  I feel like I grew up surrounded by crazy.  Reality was, while I grew up in a pretty chaotic house, and I was the only "normal" one, I was made to feel like the crazy one.  My parents and siblings made sure of that, and took every opportunity to remind me of so.  Funny thing is, even though I'm an adult, they still manage to remind me how *crazy* I am sometimes.  Some things never change.  Thankfully I have, and continue to!

I do use the word, occasionally, to describe things that are really off the wall.  Otherwise, I tend to try and avoid it, cause it doesn't leave the greatest taste in my mouth.

Remember this?  The music might jog
your memory... click here to listen!
There is one thing that comes to mind.... a rather fun show from the early 90's on my favorite kid's station, Nickelodeon.  Anyone recognize this logo?

Prompt:  Do you like this word? Hate it?  
Do you use it? Do you use it to  describe YOU?


  1. haha, i totally remember that show! ; )

  2. I'm a teacher also, and yes, sometimes we are crazy! :-) I would rather be thought of as crazy than boring. Take care, and I look forward to your other word challenge posts.

  3. I remember that show! And yes... Crazy...such a loaded word.

  4. They so don't make shows for children the way they used to! I kinda wish I could revive this show, only in a school setting! Wouldn't that be crazy?!


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