Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week 31: Smile!

What makes me smile.... Not a whole heck of a lot these days.  Which you may think is unusual cause it is summer, and summer is supposed to be full of fun and care-free days.  So as to avoid a major downer of a post, here are a few things that I hope make you smile.

AND, since laughter usually means you're smiling, take a peak at 
this post on laughter, I promise it will make you smile if you haven't already!


  1. Good morning - sorry you are struggling this summer. I wanted to share with you my absolute love of Mental Floss (I have the no wrong way to eat a Rhesus shirt). Do you read the magazine? That can brighten a day. I always love the things you find out there to post - inspirational, funny, and significant.

    1. Love the shirt! I actually don't get the magazine, but I do follow them on Twitter, and love reading the articles they post. Mental Floss is definitely a happy distraction for me!


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