30 Day Recovery Challenge

While the 30 Day Recovery Challenge is complete, I wanted to put the questions all in one place.  See, when I read a few posts on the site where I found the challenge, Danielle had put all the questions into one post.  That made it nice and easy for me to find the questions, and to participate in the challenge.

And I want to do the same thing for you.  And to help even more, I'm linking each question to my response.  In participating in blog challenges like this, I find it helpful to read some responses prior to writing my own.  It helps me get my head wrapped around the topic.  It also helps with writer's block!

So my friends...... what's stopping you?  Get writing!
(P.S.  You can always substitute the words "eating disorder" with whatever it is you are working on........)

30 Day Recovery Challenge

Day 1 - Where are you in your recovery right now? What are some goals you are working on to help you to move forward in your recovery? 

Day 2 - What part of your eating disorder is hardest for you to overcome or let go of right now?

Day 3 - Give yourself credit for the progress you’ve made - what are some positive steps you’ve taken in recovery, or recent progress that you’ve made?

Day 4 - What motivates you to recover?

Day 5 - Who supports you in your recovery?

Day 6 - Does your family support your recovery? How do they help or hurt your efforts to recover?

Day 7 - What type of treatment are you getting right now? Talk about your current treatment team - are they helpful, do you trust them? Are you honest with them?

Day 8 - Do you have a role model in recovery, or someone who inspires you? Talk about that person.

Day 9 - What do you think caused or contributed to your eating disorder? What are some steps you can take now to work through these issues?

Day 10 - Did you have a turning point or a certain moment that made you decide to recover? Or was it a decision that happened over a long period of time?

Day 11 - What are some enjoyable activities you do which are unrelated to your eating disorder, but help you to cope and feel positive?

Day 12 - Who in your life knows about your eating disorder? Has sharing about your eating disorder been helpful for you?

Day 13 - What are some things - blogs, quotes, books, mantras, etc - that inspire you and keep you motivated?

Day 14 - Describe at least ten things you like about yourself. If you don’t believe those positive things, try to think of praises and compliments other people have given you, and write those down and then make an effort to believe in those compliments.

Day 15 - What does your weight/body image mean to you? How has your body image changed throughout recovery - has it gotten harder or easier to deal with?

Day 16 - What experience(s) has been most helpful your recovery (for example, meeting a supportive friend, deciding to go to therapy, etc)?

Day 17 - What do you want your life to look like when you’re recovered? What are some life goals you have that you think you could only accomplish if you recover?

Day 18 - Do you have any other diagnosed disorders aside from an eating disorder? How are you dealing with these issues? If you don’t have another disorder, what are some psychological issues that affect your eating disorder right now?

Day 19 - What scares you most about recovery?

Day 20 - What scares you most about your eating disorder?

Day 21 - What is something you have learned about yourself in recovery?

Day 22 - Do you think you are fully committed to recovery and willing to do whatever it takes to recover? If not, what do you think is holding you back?

Day 23 - What can you do for yourself when you are having a bad day or struggling which will help you?

Day 24 - What are some examples of things that your eating disorder has taken from you?

Day 25 - What has recovery given you?

Day 26 - What does recovery mean to you?

Day 27 - Do you believe in full recovery?  Why or why not?

Day 28 - What are some things you do that help you cope when you’re having a hard time?

Day 29 - How have you and your life changed from when you were in the worse periods of your eating disorder versus now, in recovery?

Day 30 - Has this recovery challenge helped you, and how?

Good luck with the challenge!  If you do choose to tackle it, please let me know, I'd love to follow your journey!

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  1. I have decided to take this challenge. I am recovering from a lack of self respect, self integerty, and self emotional reliance. If you want you can find me on : prosebox.net :) Silver.Linings is my name on there!


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