Sunday, November 18, 2012

A New Day

I am a huge fan of Anne of Green Gables.  In particular, the friendship between Anne and Diana always makes me smile.  They truly are kindred spirits.

It's been a hell of a weekend.  Seriously.  A long visit with my dietitian has me slightly very anxious about some pretty major changes we are making in my meal plan.  It is not going to be easy.  And I'm not looking forward to this.  But she's really good at turning challenges into opportunities, and I hope her attitude rubs off on me.  Cause this is one challenge I'm not thrilled with, no matter how much my friend logic says it's the best way to handle a lousy situation.

So I'm thinking about tomorrow, and how I get to start fresh, with a brand new day.  Kind of like a crisp, clean, piece of paper just waiting to be drawn or written on.  Or a new blog post just waiting to be written......


  1. I love Anne, too, and her friendship with Diana was my first true experience of "kindred spirits" - a happy state I have achieved with some real-life peole myself!

    Good luck with the diet changes - I know how hard that can be. You can do it!! :)

    1. There is something so sweet about the kindred relationship they have.... I have found a few very close friends myself.... kindred though? Still not sure. Diet changes still suck, but there is always time for them to be easier tomorrow, right?!


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