Monday, November 19, 2012

What's In a Name?

Names are a funny thing.  They really need to "fit" the person in which they describe.  For a long time, I actually hated my name.  It wasn't one of the "common" names, so as a kid, the only time I got anything with my name on it was if someone made it for me.  I didn't like that all that much, I wanted the personalized everything that my friends had.

Now?  As an adult, I love my unique name.  I love that I only know of three other people with the same name (though I'm sure there are many more!)  My name fits me.  I'm unique.  I'm different (you can take that as good or bad, however you'd like.)  I'm a bit of an oddball, just like my name.

It took a long time for me to like my name.  Once I was able to embrace the uniqueness of it.... it was a lot easier to like it.  Liking my name.... first step to liking me?  I hope so!


  1. My mother always hated her name. From the time she could pronounce until she was well into her adult years. She used to say that it sounded like a "cow's name"! The name is quite popular now - - Emma! Funny how that works! New follower!

    1. Welcome Judy! I actually love the name Emma! It is such a fun, yet old fashioned name. Then again, I'm a sucker for those Elizabethan and Victorian era names - everything old is new again? We are so critical of our own stuff, when others may really admire us!

      Thanks for stopping by! Hope you find some fun on the blog!


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