Monday, November 5, 2012

Challenge 16, Part 1: Murat Suyur

Image by Murat Suyur
This week's Image Inspiration comes from photographer Murat Suyur, another multifaceted artist.  I chose this piece to start with because I'm a big baseball fan, and I found myself drawn to the image. 

On the one hand, balloons are a childhood whimsy, fun, light, and full of laughter.  On the other hand, a baseball is hard, fast, and sometimes, if hit the wrong way, it really stings.

Putting the two together creates a mental tug-of-war in my brain (nothing new, actually!) that leaves me wondering....

What's that?  You too are left wondering?


  1. Being from the UK my brain looked at that and went "huh...wouldn't a baseball be as heavy skin wise as the original style football? In which case, how is it just floating there?!"

    That is a brilliant image!

    (Oh, and hello from a fellow NaBloPoMo blogger!)

    1. Hello fellow NaBloPoMo! I have to admit, the image made me do a double take, too! These blogging for wellbeing challenges are rather eye opening, and I'm loving all the new artists I'm "meeting" along the journey! Thanks for stopping by!


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