Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Week 42: Overcoming Stressful Times

Stress?  I have NO idea what you're talking about.  My life is stress free, and any stress that does exist is chocolate covered, making it easily digestible.  I have the patience of a rock, the grace of a swan, and flow like the waves in the ocean, quietly kissing the shore and retreating seamlessly.

Whatever.  (I can dream, right?)

Stress? My world is covered in stress, where as I'd much prefer a chocolate covered world.  This topic is actually rather timely for me, as this time of year is pretty stressful and frustrating for me.  It's also an opportunity for me to remind myself what tools I do have to get me through stressfully frustrating times like these.

One tool that helps is to focus on my breathing.  Usually that involves remembering to breathe!  I try to count my inhales and exhales and use my breath to distract myself from the situation that is setting off the alarms in my head.  From the breathing I try to move into my phone list - I have a few friends that I know are exceptionally good at getting me out of tough spots in a short conversation.  If my phone list isn't available, then I'll pull out my distraction box.  This box is literally a toolbox of distractions that are neatly packaged and always stored in the same place so I can grab it at my lowest level of functioning.

An overarching tool that I try to constantly remember is the slogan "this too shall pass" as an effort to remind me that the situation may feel stressful at the moment, or I may be frustrated at the moment, but for the moment, I can handle it.  The feeling will pass, the situation will end, and all will be restored to it's typical level of sanity.

And when all else fails I reach for a Xanax.  In keeping with the goal of complete honesty, sometimes I go for the Xanax first.  Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!


  1. Found your blog from NaBloPoMo. I too can get easily overwhelmed especially this time of year. I try to just do a little every day to make progress. Practice makes progress, it doesn't have to be perfection. Hope you have a great holiday season.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Dawn! I am so easily overwhelmed, not just this time of year, but pretty much all year long. I like that reminder - Practice makes Progress. I gotta keep that in mind! Happy holiday season!

  2. I'm catching up on my blogs and I just had to leave a comment. Stress tends to catch me off guard. I have a way of ignoring it until it overwhelms me and then the Ativan comes out (also calling my hubby so he can just talk to me to redirect my focus helps). Several years ago,during a really low point I kept seeing bumperstickers all over the place with the phrase "too blessed to be stressed" on them. One day I was sitting in a drive thru starting at the bumper in front of me and thinking how I couldn't get away from that phrase. Then I realized maybe there was a reason for that, maybe God was trying to get my attention. I may never be too blessed to be stressed but now I know that no matter how stressed I am I am STILL BLESSED. And God is only a whisper away ...or a bumper ..whatever works. :-)

    1. I have heard that sentence many, many times, but haven't thought of it in YEARS until tonight! GREAT reminder, and something that I think needs to be tattooed on my hand!


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