Friday, November 9, 2012

Challenge 16, Part 3

Image by Murat Suyur
I like the whimsy of this image.  Tasty white chocolate mixed with technology of my favorite kind.  Nothing too fancy, just pure fun, if you ask me.  Two things I prefer to not have to live without: technology and chocolate (though I prefer dark chocolate!)

One thing I have to say about these recent Blogging for Wellbeing Challenges is that I have been exposed to artists that I'd not have otherwise met.  Bonus!


  1. Replies
    1. :) White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate - if it says chocolate, I'll eat it!

  2. I love dark chocolate best too! I can almost inhale a whole block in one sitting! Hehe! Much love xo

    1. How am I not surprised that you're a dark chocolate fan too? :) I prefer to think that chocolate is one of the rather more quickly digested foods, sounds a lot better than inhaling it (which is how I eat it too!) xoxo


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