Friday, September 21, 2012

Challenge 11, Part 3: YOU

I saw this quote this afternoon and it really grabbed me.  I am one of those people full of weird, random facts.  I hide behind them as a way to protect others from seeing the real me - the somewhat shy, very insecure, afraid-to-be-happy, ashamed-of-her-body, girl who just wants to find someone to accept her for who she is.

But before that will ever happen, it means I need to accept myself for who I am.  Which is so f@#$%& difficult!  It's been the topic of therapy for weeks now, the fact that I'm clinging to childish wishes that will never be fulfilled unless I figure out how to fulfill them myself.  And until I let go of those wishes, I'll never be able to process what I didn't get, and move forward into a world full of things I did get, and I do have.

Once that happens?  Who knows, maybe the world will reveal a person who falls in love with the me I've been trying to hide.  That'd be kind of nice, dontcha think?


  1. Love that quote (as always! You have a talent for selecting quotes that speak directly to me a lot of the time).

    And oh, I know the feeling. There's a freedom in showing the most vulnerable and secret parts of yourself...but it's terrifying at the same time.

    I have a copy of this quote in a frame - it's one of my favourites:

    "No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself". (Virginia Woolf)


    1. I LOVE that Virginia Woolf quote! Might have to make a quote-graphic out of it :) I like that you have framed quotes, too... I have them all over my house in little square frames. They usually make me smile, for the most part. I try to surround myself in smiles, so when I'm short one, I can get it from somewhere else xoxo


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