Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Always Remember 9/11

Always Remember...... 
Living through history isn't always pleasant,
but this is one event we can never forget......

September 11, 2001
I was nannying.  I had just dropped the kids off at daycare
and was headed to university.  I was listening to my favorite radio
station, and heard my favorite DJ mention something about planes
crashing into the towers.  I thought it was a joke of sorts, but in flipping
channels, it was on every station.  I headed home instead of to school,
just for a few minutes, to turn on the news and see what was really going on.

I was shocked, dumbfounded, and completely frozen.
I immediately went back to daycare to pick up the kids,
and we went straight home.  For the rest of the day,
they never left my sight.
I will always remember that day.....
with sadness, for the lives lost,
with gratitude for the heroes who found miracles in the rubble....
with hope, that a tragedy like this need never happen again....

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