Sunday, September 9, 2012

Challenge 9, Part 3: Wholeness

This quote pretty much speaks for itself.  

What I would give to fill the empty places in my being with love, with caring, with kindness, with compassion....

Maybe then I would know what wholeness truly feels like.

I do know, though, that the only person who can fill those voids is me.

Sometimes that's an invigorating realization, but most of the time, it's a rather frightening one.


  1. And you give all these things to others, unconditionally. Believe in yourself like others do. Xx

    1. Oh, Jackie... I wish it were that easy! At least it isn't making me as sick to hear the compliments from others - I hope to ride the wave of their believing in me until I can find my own. xoxo

  2. Thank-you again for sharing a post I can very much relate to. Your blog is always such a big source of inspiration to me.

    I hope one day these empty places are filled with all the love in the world because you derserve it.

    You are wonderful, truely. xo

    1. You are very sweet to say so Kylie-Rose. I am always kind of surprised to see what comes out when I sit down to write, and am glad you find inspiration in the words! I will hold tight to your compliment with much appreciation. xoxo


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