Saturday, December 22, 2012

Where In The World?

Hey, guess what!

Yes, this one.
You know the really  neat map with all the red dots on it near the bottom right of the blog window?  The one pictured here?

It's called a Clustr Map.  I was excited when I found Clustr Maps because it gives a neat visual of where the people visiting the blog are from, without giving a way too much information on each visitor. (Privacy is important to me!)

Well, guess what? 
(I know, I already said that!)

My Purple Dreams is the Clustr Map featured map of the week!

So to all my new guests popping in via Clustr Maps, thanks for stopping by!  I hope that you enjoy what you read while you're here!  And, if you're so inclined, I'd love it if you want to follow the blog and be our Facebook friend, too.
Oh, and if you have a blog of your own, I highly recommend Clustr Map (no, they are not paying me for this promo) because they are really easy to use, simple to integrate, and a great way to explore map skills if you're a teacher.


  1. PD,
    Congrats on being featured! And thanks for the info, I just added one to my blog. :) ~ AG

    1. Thanks AG! It's a fun little widget to have - You know me and my love of numbers!

  2. love of your pc


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